Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here are some of the questions commonly asked. If you do not see your question here, please feel free to call us at 660-684-6789 or 660-684-6146, or email us at  about:email
What days are the Amish stores closed?
All stores are closed on Sundays.
Which Amish / Country stores stay open on Thursdays?
All Amish stores are open on Thursday.
What are the hours of the stores in Jamesport?
The town stores are usually open from around 9:30 - 5:00 during the summer. In the off-season (Jan - March), some businesses have shorter hours and/or less days open. A few stores in town are only open on Fridays and Saturdays, so it's best to call ahead if there is a specific store you would like to visit.
The Amish stores are very good about keeping their hours. Most are open 8:00 - 5:00.
What is the best day to visit Jamesport?
The best days are probably Friday and Saturday, only because there are about 2 or 3 additional stores open. But, any other day besides Sunday and Thursday is great to come too. Please call if you would like additional help planning a trip!
What holidays are the stores closed for?The Amish stores are closed for the following holidays - Epiphany (January 6), Good Friday, Ascension Day (40 days after Easter), and Chirstmas Day. The town stores are closed Christmas Day and most are closed on New Years Day. So, 4th of July, Christmas Eve, Labor Day etc. we are open for business!
Can I take photos of the Amish?
The Amish do not want their photos taken. Please respect their religious beliefs. However, scenery shots, or photos of the horses in the field, etc, are just fine.
Will I be able to go into an Amish home or see Amish farms?
All of the Amish stores are located on their farms, and when driving around Jamesport, you will see all the Amish farms and homes. Please visit the Tour Info page for more information.
Where are the Amish stores? (asked when people come to downtown)
The Amish stores are located outside of the downtown area - so be sure to pick up a map when you are downtown, so you can find your way to all of the Amish stores.
Is there anything new in Jamesport? I heard some stores have closed.
There are new things in Jamesport all the time. We have a brand new Antique Auction in January! We have a new Handcrafted Auction in April, which is full of handcrafted Amish items and furniture! There is a new dairy that just openend, Homestead Creamery, they make artisan cheeses, and offer fresh samples. There are new stores downtown as well, including DeVaul Fine Art and The Old Firehouse Antiques and Rust Decor. The Collections has expanded to now sell wine and have free wine tasting. Sherwood Quilts has also expanded their business and now is attached to Oakridge Furniture, making it the largest Amish business. Jamesport is still thriving.
Do you offer tours?
Please visit our Tour Info page for more information.
Do the stores take credit cards?
All stores accept cash and check. Most stores in town accept Visa and Mastercard, but most Amish stores do not.
Isn't there some kind of produce sale in Jamesport?
There is a weekly produce auction in Jamesport. Visit the Weekly Happenings page for more information.
Why are the Amish stores closed on Thursdays?
The Amish believe in two days of rest. And since Saturday is a big sales day, this Amish community chose to be closed on Thursdays. This is also a day they scheduale weddings and funerals when possible.
Which is the store that has the spices and nuts and stuff? And the good knives?
That is H&M Country Store. Please visit our Country Businesses page for more information.