Amish Life
The Old Order Amish are direct descedents of the Mennonite Anabaptist, a group that formed during the Reformation in Germany and Switzerland. Founded by Jacob Amman in the late 1600's, the Amish felt that the Mennonites were too casual in their religious observance.
In the early 1950's the Amish immigrated to Jamesport, Missouri, now the largest settlement in the state. Currently around 165 families live on the rich farm land of the area.
Seeking separation from the confusions and superficialities of society, the Amish live in modest homes on rural farms, and travel by means of horse drawn vehicles. Their peaceful lifestyle evolves around a close-knit family, the discipline of their faith, and the utilization of the land, all of which can be seen as you travel the rolling hills and country side in our area.
With a firm belief in the work ethic, the Amish men are busy on the farms from daylight to dark. Their religion forbids any reliance upon technology, so they do not use electricity. The tools and farm implements from a by gone era, are antiques and replicas of pre-World War II relics. Fieldwork is done with the aid of horses and horse-drawn implements.
The young and old work side by side, elbow to elbow to ensure the acquisition of a trade and to work for a common family goal. Skills are passed from generation to generation. Amish women spend their days caring for the young children, working in a kitchen equipped with kerosene and wood burning appliances, hand grinders, and cast iron.
In the 1720's, the first group of Amish immigrated to America seeking religious tolerance and good farm land. Today there are Amish settlements in at least 19 states and Canada. The three largest populations are found in north central Ohio, eastern Pennsylvania, and northern Indiana. The largest settlement west of the Mississippi is found in Jamesport, Missouri.
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